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Sep 23, 2020

Nicola Brogan MSc (She/Her) (Nic-uh-la) is a fierce advocate for women's reproductive health and rights. Jumping into the scene just under 5 years ago, Nicola found her passion for sexual health when she first completed her undergraduate honours thesis exploring long-acting contraception use across Canada. Honing her skills, she continued on to a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences where she specialized in adolescent's use and access to contraception in rural areas. Her special interests include adolescent health, rural health and contraception. Nicola is also the proud founder of Thrive: "Like a Girl", a youth initiative that provides space for young girls to explore themselves through conversations surrounding current societal themes, including but not limited to self-esteem, self-care and gender equality.

In this episode, Nicola shares:

  1. The importance of informed decision making and autonomy in reproductive health
  2. Information on  choosing the best method for themselves
  3. Tips on how to navigate the system to make the best of access and availability. 

Nicola speaks about a topic that isn’t openly talked about nearly as much as it should be with womxn, & gives us all a back to basics sex education as it pertains to contraception and emergency contraception.   

You can find Nicola at or on Instagram & @thegistofitpodcast

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