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Most of our contributors are the everyday Womxn. Not celebrities. Not big influencers. Not famous. Womxn. I won’t even say JUST Womxn, because being a Womxn is enough. These are Womxn with something to say, and that is enough. More than enough.

Gone  are the days She remains humble and keep her gifts, her wisdom and her power to herself. 

Here, she takes the mic. 

Here, she owns her power. 

Here, She SPEAKS.

Sep 15, 2020

Once upon a time............

There lived a girl. A girl who had gone to church all her life-so 'church' was all she knew. She did all the things typical church girls do. She went to Sunday-School and youth meetings, even sang in the choir. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a single thing she didn't take part in or that she couldn't do.

As the girl grew up, things happened. Life literally huffed and puffed and blew her hopes down. This lost girl had wandered far from a little place called home. Sadly, she spent many years trying to find the path back to the Yellow Brick Road. On some days, life was too hot; on other days, life was too cold, and she always wondered if life would ever be just right. 

Reality had served up some poetic justice, as she encountered the likes of Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, and Doc. She was left so torn til' she had very little faith that any frog would turn into a Prince. Although she had tried it all, nothing seemed to fill the void that each situation-ship had left behind. While on the journey, the girl messed up-a lot! When she wasn't eating apples, she was giving up her voice that sings to chase love or traded her 'value' for useless magic beans. Alas, she had to let it go! Finally, she realized that when she walked in the shoes designed to fit her perfectly, she would unlock the power of her inner greatness. 

Luckily, this church girl survived to tell the tale. While she has no tiara nor a castle with a king and her life is far from being a fairytale. Magically, she has come to understand that living in and thus telling her truth, is the only version of 'abracadabra' she needs to make all her dreams come true. 

This girl evolved and became The Sassy Scribe who will talk about it all, here in the stories dubbed the Chronicles of a Church Girl.  And she lived, thereafter. Period!

In this episode, Raquel shares:

  1. What she calls her “issue resume” in this life, and the lessons all of it taught her.
  2. The truth that self love is NOT a fad, it’s a NECESSITY!
  3. How to stand up & stand out in your life

You’re going to love this episode because Raquel drops some killer bombs about picking ourselves up out of our brokeness, and moving forward in our life as a WHOLE human.

You can find Raquel at or on Instagram @raquelsherron

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